Social Sciences

Māori social scientists work in a wide range of settings including wānanga and universities, Government agencies, NGOs, private companies and community organisations. We also come from many different disciplinary backgrounds but share in a goal for the advancement of Māori communities and Māori society. MASS is a vehicle for networking, sharing, capability building, and development of this diverse and talented groups of researchers and academics.


Our Kaupapa

To foster the output of quality Māori social science research through:

  • Collaboration with other MASS members;
  • Identifying research gaps relating to Māori social science research; and
  • Promoting Māori social science research.

To mentor and support emerging and established Māori social scientists by:

  • Highlighting pathways into social science;
  • Offering supervision for postgraduate Māori social sciences students; and
  • Providing opportunities for Māori social scientists to discuss and strategise about Māori social science-related issues.

To facilitate relationship building via:

  • Gatherings and networking opportunities for Māori social scientists;
  • Establishing links between participants in Māori Studies departments and those in other sectors of institutions; and
  • By linking in to other Māori social science research entities.

To fulfil an advocacy and facilitation role for

  • Māori social scientists;
  • Māori social science tertiary students; and
  • Increasing the Māori input and/or providing a Māori world view into Māori public policy.


Our Membership

MASS has an inclusive stance on who engages with our kaupapa and we draw upon words from Moana Jackson at our 2008 Conference, to frame our notion of Māori social scientists as those who are ‘Māori community knowledge bearers’.

The MASS membership is Māori social scientists and researchers engaged in Māori social science research. This includes students, emerging and established researchers; and also representatives of institutions or groups that deliver Māori and/or indigenous social science-related research services. Currently we have an email list in excess of 200 people spread across universities, wānanga and communities.

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